Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The problem with hitting the streets as a musician

Every musician I know is usually caught up with trying to get a major break by hitting the streets and attempting to perform at every event they can.  This looks good on the surface but let's analyze it a little bit to see if there may not be any more constructive alternatives musicians can engage in to get more bang for their buck.

To go to these events, artists travel long distances, paying for gas or bus fares, and also the food, sometimes accomodations and who wants to go to a clud and not drink.  Artists usually pay their own door fees with no discount and take on all the risks associated with the club life.  This is true especially for hip hop music promoters trying to get exposure.

My core philosophy is that hitting the streets is the way of the dinosaur and us little guys can't afford to waste time and money travelling to open mics that might only land us 2 to 25 fans, when we could for that same amount of money put out press releases online that get us credibility in the industry and possibly thousands of views, comments, shares and new fans at the end of the day

Going to each open mic and venue ends up costing my crew on average 50-60 dollars and that's in town.  We may get to a club with 100 people and only engage with about 10-30 because, let's face it, no matter how good you are, there are other performers coming on before or after you and you're not special..  your 15 minutes burn up quick.  best you can do is pass out CDs and flyers.. encuring another cost to the expedition.

My latest strategy has been to stop acting like a caveman or tupac in 1995 and use the tools that have been made available to us thanks to the hard work of hundreds of scientists, engineers and computer nerds.  The internet.

FOr that same 50-60 dollar investment, I can outsource the writing of 3 press releases and have them syndicated across the web to generate my website tons of traffic, comments reviews, subscribers and fans who I can connect with on a regular basis.  This is the new wave of success.. and its better to get on early while most of the competition is busy trying to buy out the bar.

The point of making music for me, is for people to hear it.. and not just anyone, but those people who will actually appreciate my music, so it makes more sense for me as an artists to directly reach those people using the most efficient outlets available.

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