Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Easy way to leave a professional impression as a musician

Ever hear the first few seconds of a song..  and then recognized it immediately?
I'm sure it happens all the time.. i'm just being rhetorical.. 

Of course this happens to you and anyone else who ever heard a song in their life.

well.. you see.. when you make an album on someone else's beats..   no one will ever remember you like that...

so the moral of the story is...  There are beats al over the web for the low..  be a pro..

check some Fly beats here and let me know what you think

Why I make beats - Beat maker's anthem/poem

I don;t make beats to impress others

I make beats to impress that within myself

I make beats because I enjoy to do so on my own

in the solitude of my own person

in my home, in my headphones

I make beats so that me and my homies can rock out

& spit fire & shit, you know, real nigga shit

I make beats because it fullfills me

& I chose to share them with others

People who will appreciate my beats too

& rock out with their homies, spittin fire & shit

you know, real nigga shit

I make beats just to make beats

& if you like my beats, then you're welcome


Lazy rappers use other people's beats

There is never a good excuse to put out a product as an independent artist with somone else's beats... no matter how much you like them.

the main problem with this is that the whole time the song will be playing, your listeners will be hearing the words of another song... and you will be helping the other musician be more memorable and half the time I hear an amateur remake...  i just wanna hear the original song.

don't sell yourself short.  if you're not a well known musician with a ton of music ascribed to your own beats and unique sound... you should never try to rock out on someone else's beat.

there are many places online (such as this website) where you can get beats for damn near free...  just spend some time and find your own sound..  you'll be rewarded.