Friday, April 20, 2012

Top Beat Making Programs

I started making beats in 2003 when my home boi hooked me up wit a copy of flstudio.  I've upgraded since then to fl studio 9 and I use Purity, hypersonic and vanguard plugins to get that sound.  If you know of any better plugins let me know.  I'm always up to download some fresh new plugins.

Here's a link where you can pick up your copy for the low HERE

Other Beat Making Programs

There's been a lot of hype lately about Music Producer Pro - If  you're new to the beat making game, this is the recommended product.  SO far it gets high ratings all around and after trying it out myself, I would say its got one of the easiest interfaces to work with and is easily customizable.

I'm just addicted to my routine, but I could see myself gettin down with Music Producer pro in another life maybe..   I've got my own style but if you wanna get started making Industry ready beats ASAP..  like if you're a rapper trynna make your own beats..  this might be the best solution.

check it out Here


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