Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Easy way to leave a professional impression as a musician

Ever hear the first few seconds of a song..  and then recognized it immediately?
I'm sure it happens all the time.. i'm just being rhetorical.. 

Of course this happens to you and anyone else who ever heard a song in their life.

well.. you see.. when you make an album on someone else's beats..   no one will ever remember you like that...

so the moral of the story is...  There are beats al over the web for the low..  be a pro..

check some Fly beats here and let me know what you think

Why I make beats - Beat maker's anthem/poem

I don;t make beats to impress others

I make beats to impress that within myself

I make beats because I enjoy to do so on my own

in the solitude of my own person

in my home, in my headphones

I make beats so that me and my homies can rock out

& spit fire & shit, you know, real nigga shit

I make beats because it fullfills me

& I chose to share them with others

People who will appreciate my beats too

& rock out with their homies, spittin fire & shit

you know, real nigga shit

I make beats just to make beats

& if you like my beats, then you're welcome


Lazy rappers use other people's beats

There is never a good excuse to put out a product as an independent artist with somone else's beats... no matter how much you like them.

the main problem with this is that the whole time the song will be playing, your listeners will be hearing the words of another song... and you will be helping the other musician be more memorable and half the time I hear an amateur remake...  i just wanna hear the original song.

don't sell yourself short.  if you're not a well known musician with a ton of music ascribed to your own beats and unique sound... you should never try to rock out on someone else's beat.

there are many places online (such as this website) where you can get beats for damn near free...  just spend some time and find your own sound..  you'll be rewarded.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shine on ma level - Gutter rap Instrumental

Run to da Cash - southern swag instumental ( COLD!)

Just listen folks

Neo flowtistic hip hop instrumental - you will be surprised and satisfied

This is tha hottest beat outlet on tha web. Get high quality hip hop instrumentals for da low or free

Ask me why - Hood Instrumental for your ears

Ask me why Princeton beats is back in da flesh wreckin on these beats so you haters better get your mind together. I post up and make beats as a hobby with fl studio ( fruity loops is for kids ) check this one out!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Top Beat Making Programs

I started making beats in 2003 when my home boi hooked me up wit a copy of flstudio.  I've upgraded since then to fl studio 9 and I use Purity, hypersonic and vanguard plugins to get that sound.  If you know of any better plugins let me know.  I'm always up to download some fresh new plugins.

Here's a link where you can pick up your copy for the low HERE

Other Beat Making Programs

There's been a lot of hype lately about Music Producer Pro - If  you're new to the beat making game, this is the recommended product.  SO far it gets high ratings all around and after trying it out myself, I would say its got one of the easiest interfaces to work with and is easily customizable.

I'm just addicted to my routine, but I could see myself gettin down with Music Producer pro in another life maybe..   I've got my own style but if you wanna get started making Industry ready beats ASAP..  like if you're a rapper trynna make your own beats..  this might be the best solution.

check it out Here

A Point to Prove - Hip hop Instrumental

This is another fire beat from princeton beats
You may be a truly great talent, but without getting out there and consistently marketing yourself, networking, meeting the right people, maintaining your image, and being humble, your talent will only get you so far. Be innovative in your promotional efforts! The Internet has made it possible to hear a LOT more music, from a LOT more artists. You are now a very small fish in a very large pond - you will need to find a way to stand out, above and glow in the dark. Think beyond the box on every promo tip. 

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/502048

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Style on em - lil buddy Instrumental

The beat of the day is this throw'd composition.

Promo Tip #1 A music artist must start somewhere, that's usually locally, but it's better to not just dive in without a plan. But begin you must. Create a plan with some ideas and set goals as to what you need to accomplish weekly, monthly, and yearly. Start small and make it progressive. Reach bench marks and keep at it.

Promo Tip #2 Image is everything. Image is the complete package - artist/band name, look, performance, merchandise, and style, to how that brand is marketed. A stage name can be a descriptive statement of the image you or your band project. Be unique and interesting to look at in some way....build your own unique stage persona.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/502048

As an driven independent or unsigned artist, songwriter, or a artist in a group you can not do just a few elements to advertise yourself and anticipate achievements in your songs profession. Off-line and online songs promotion and promotion visibility is an continuous procedure in this DIY age. Music organizations are looking for performers that already have fan facets, marketed CDs, and are confirmed willing to shift up to quantity. Provided here are more than 100 guidelines and thoughts for you to think about and modify as you will, to get discovered, obtain lovers, and get observed. You have to discover a way to take a position above the audience, for ability alone is not enough.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hit me up - Southern swag instrumental

Check out this hard beat from our videofy.me collection

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The latest DJ Software .. for FREE!

Download one of the latest and top mixing software apps for DJs and Producers.
It's a pretty cool program that does everything you should need and more to get started.

I started using it about a week ago and it only took me about an hour to get the hang of it.  The interface is pretty fun to work with too.  Very well done with the simulation.  Its pretty easy to chop & screw tracks with it too.  I may post some of what I got so far later.

Check it out, download it HERE! Its Completely Free

Every Artist Needs A Website

A central hub for your online presence is necessary before you can start seeing the big bucks in your music career.

Create your own artist page on the web easier than ever before with a new intuitive tool provided by bandmo.

Learn more about this new tool --> HERE

Friday, April 13, 2012

Secret music promotion tools.. GOLD!

It is significant post that the Songs press kit is probably the most effective marketing device and it needs to be taken very seriously.  Other than the CD and stay concert it is usually the first impact as an artisan, which brands, locations, and other press shops will obtain.  There are many visual art companies that are dedicated to the planning of press marketing sets that one may want to consider if the funds allows.  If not, for a few cash, a little creativeness, and time and energy, one can do it himself.  Here are the primary components of a list press kit and Digital press kit, and the expert indicates by which to go about it.


KILLER PRESS KITS - Get High Quality premium press kits to Boost your music career and get you that attention that will put money in your pocket

Promoters who perform with large celebrities who offer out large locations can create some serious cash. But independent music marketers can are operating all day, every day, and only getting further into debts. Many marketers have a day job that can handle their marketing job. If you want to become a advocate, you need a obvious knowing of the cash engaged, and you need to create promotions with companies and locations very properly. For any given display, a promoter's costs include: Location lease,   Promotion (posters, newspaper/magazine ads, etc), Backline accommodations,    Housing for the group, Participant, Transaction for the group For beginning on the internet music special offers, there are actually a lot of tips on how to do it. However, it is essential that you have to be prepared and well-prepared for everything. Keep in thoughts that even while beginning on the internet or in own little methods, you should think big.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Getting in touch with your inner hustler

I know as musicians, what we really wanna do is make good music.  the rest, we wouldn’t mind a team of elves handling, but of course its not that easy.
We may not like it, but if we want to set ourselves appart as musicians, we have to take that extra step and market ourselves.
A closed mouth does not get fed and no matter how good your stuff is, if you’re not constantly reminding people to listen to you and why they should listen to you, you probably won’t get listened to.
that sounds bad, but its just a matter of perspective.  if you look at it the way I do, its a good thing, because that means I have control over my success to some degree and that it doesn’t all have to be luck and good looks :)

3 things to keep in mind that may help you stay motivated when marketing.

1. When you follow a system like the one we teach in our free course, every step you take and move you make is permanent, meaning, you can pick up on it later and/or it may benefit you for a long time.  a simple example is the creation of an album, which can be marketed unto infinity.

2. A lot of people really like music and are always on the look-out for new music.  As long as you stay professional and don’t get all in people’s faces, they will welcome your marketing efforts gladly.  good music is the key here again.

3. Try to have fun with your marketing and stick with what you’re comfortable doing..   to me, that is online.  some people may be more outgoing and like doing shows, concerts andother events.  it doesn’t really matter, because there are many ways to accomplish the same goals.
Hope this was helpful, please rate & comment below.

Music Promotion Tip : Networking with decision makers

After you’ve already uploaded your work online and have a strong presence as well as a hub where you can sell your music, there are a few more things you can do to set yourself apart from the rookies.

1. You want professional feedback – its important to constantly get the opinions of people and their impressions of your music. it’s even more important to get opinions from those who are professionals in the field you want to enter. Its important to get opinions from people who are already successful in the music business. They will usually have a better ear for what works.

2. Repetitive exposure – a lot of artists go and hand their songs to a radio station or try to get it played in a club for the night, and think they’re doing good. I mean, its a good start, but you have to keep doing this over and over for there to be a strong lasting effect.

what you have to do at this point is get feedback from industry insiders as well as building a fan base with repeat radio and online exposure.

There are tons of music submission companies out there that promise to submit your songs to radio networks and record labels… I have found most of them to be a waste of time. Most are just scams to get your money!

As with everything else though, there are a few legitimate companies that actually do get you a real response and help you get the right kind of exposure.

Tune Promoters is my favorite of these, they are serious about what they do.. I recommend their starter package just to see for yourself.

You get 750 spins for each of 3 songs of your choice on the Grooveshark radio network with over 25 million active listeners rating them. Your songs will also be submitted to dozens of record labels, talent scouts and music review sites. Its only $40 bucks…

check it out and you won’t be disappointed. Click Here!

Sharing my vision - Gangsta rap Instrumentals

This is another hot new beat from Prince @ princetonbeats.
Rap instrumental with a little southern flavor

A message to musicians

I have seen all the music promotion
companies with all their promises…
There is only one company that
actually has contracts  in place with
Music Biz Insiders who have agreed
to accept their submissions.
Your material is sent to these
decision makers at unpublished
e-mail addresses. You really have
a chance to get noticed.
No matter where you are in
your career, amateur or pro –
they get you real exposure and fans
plus all kinds of extras like
free play on GrooveShark.
Any one interested in more
exposure should use this
company… click here

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sign of Trouble - the instrumental

A seriously throwed instrumental from Princeton beats and slm entertainment.   Made with fl studio and plugins such as purity , vanguard and Hypersonic.  Listen to more Instrumentals @ SLM entertainment

Sell your Beats like the PROs

If you’re a beat-maker like myself, then one of the best things that can happen to you is if you can turn your beats into a source of income.
I’ve been fortunate enough to have some success in this area, and trust me, Its well worth all the effort I put in.
I put together a Squidoo lens outlining step-by-step how you can get setup online and making some money off your beats.
Please rate and leave a comment or share or something.. I put a lot of time into this guide and bare all.  I wish there was a guide like that when I was starting out.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reality check and GO - sick beats for the day!


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Drum Mic

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