Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Its about personality, not just beats

I am a techno junkie and I root for the Internet or online method for most things, but I have to admit that I have sold far more beats in real life face to face in person with clients that I have been able to online.  Not only that, but  in person I almost can name whatever price I want for the instrumentals and people will still be willing to buy them.

I have given this some thought and realize that no matter what you are selling, the product itself is not nearly as important as the brand created around it and the experience of the people purchasing your product.

This I believe is what causes the disparity between online instrumental sales and sales prices.  Online some producers are selling top notch beats for $1 or 50 cents a piece.  This has got to be harming not only the image of that producer, but that of all other producers trying to make it.

The more experience I gain in life, the more I realize success comes from differentiating yourself from others, even in the littlest things...  Those are what make for memorable experiences, and repeat customers


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